Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy the furniture displayed on this web site?

A: A Fine Furniture Design® retail location is the only place to buy our furniture. We invite you to pay a visit in person to personally experience the Fine Furniture Design® furniture collections, witness the fine quality manufacturing, and meet a home furnishings professional who can answer questions and assist you with your purchase.

Q: Can I buy this furniture directly from you – the manufacturer?

A: We make magnificent furniture, and we team up with retail specialists so that experts can handle your shopping and delivery experiences. It’s in your best interest to buy Fine Furniture Design® furniture from retailers who beautifully display our furniture in their stores, answer your questions, and deliver your new furniture to your home. Please visit one of our retailers to make your purchase.

Q: Can I buy Fine Furniture Design® furniture online?

A: We think the Internet is an excellent way to learn about Fine Furniture Design® furniture products. Furniture sales are best handled through retail furniture stores. Stop in at one of our retailers to explore everything from our crisp carvings to the excellent fit on our doors and drawers. Ask questions. Our retailers offer the kind of personal service that you deserve when purchasing fine furniture.

Q: Who designs the Fine Furniture Design® products?

A: We have seasoned designers on our team who translate very creative ideas into furniture that is not only beautifully designed, but is also well engineered. Our design team is stationed in High Point, NC.

Q: Can I order custom-designed furniture through Fine Furniture Design®?

A: Please share your requests with your local Fine Furniture Design® retailer who will in turn share them with us. We consider these ideas when designing new pieces for our collections.

Q: Argh! My daughter left a moist orange juice glass on my bedside chest! | My entertainment center was dropped when we moved into our new home! | My 7-year-old unscrewed the drawer pull and lost it! What should I do?

A: Check first with your Fine Furniture Design® retailer for assistance. They’re experts at furniture care and have excellent connections for repair. You may also want to visit “Caring for Wood, Hardware, and Stone” for proper care of fine furniture.

Q: Still have a question?

A: Email your question to