Drawer Construction

Drawer construction is very important. In a chest, dresser, accent piece or even an entertainment center, they hold essential belongings that may be heavy, fragile, or precious. Fine Furniture Design® furniture features drawers that are strong, easy to open and close, and smooth to the touch.

2 Drawer Image 1

English Dovetails

Drawers are joined at all four corners with English or French dovetails. The shape cut into the edge of the wood looks a bit like the tail of a dove, allowing two pieces of wood to lock together like a jigsaw puzzle.

2 Drawer Image 2

Drawer Interior

Strong wood glue forms a bond between the two pieces of wood that is actually stronger than wood alone. Together the interlocking dovetails and the glue give enormous strength to the drawers.

2 Drawer Image 3

Drawer Guides

Good drawers have drawer guides that keep the drawer centered and allow them to open smoothly. Like our drawers, our guides are made from kiln-dried hardwoods that have been sanded and finished. The geometric shape of the drawer guides makes it fit snugly in place.