Bed Construction

Bed Construction

Fine Furniture Design® provides the industry’s most stable bed set-up. Our beds surround our mattress and box springs and provide the framework for a good night’s sleep.

A bed should feel solid when assembled, and it should not twist or shake when bumped. Excellent bed construction relies on bolts, a bed slat truss system, plywood bed slats affixed on edge, and a center support for the mattress and box spring.

Bed Construction 2


The strongest type of bed construction includes two bolts in each corner to prevent the bed from shaking. Bolts allow the frame to fit together tightly and each corner to be squared at a 90° angle.

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Trusses for Bed Slats

A truss system integrates the slats with the frame, adding strength and preventing the slats from migrating or slipping off the frame. If you’ve ever slept in a bed that has collapsed, you’ll appreciate a great truss system.

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Ply Bed Slats on Edge

One of the great truths about wood is that when several pieces are glued together, they are actually stronger than solid wood alone. Fine Furniture Design® uses this principle to its advantage by gluing together many strips of wood to create bed slats. The slats are then turned on edge (their very strongest side) to support the box springs and mattress. It doesn’t get any stronger than this.

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Center Support

Fine Furniture Design® builds a center support and adds an extra leg to support the weight on the floor. This gives your mattress a stronger foundation and helps you sleep better at night.

Bed Construction 6

We encourage bed shoppers to look at the internal construction of the beds they’re considering. Fine Furniture Design® bed construction features:

  • Two bed bolts in each corner = 8 bolts
  • Bed Slats placed in trusses screwed to the bed frame
  • Trusses made out of layers of wood glued together (plied wood) and placed on edge (you can see the stripes of the ply)
  • Center support – with a foot that rests on the floor for the box string and mattress